From Vinyl to #Periscope: How to Rock Social Media After 50 Years

I had the privilege to be invited to opening night of the Rolling Stones Zip Code tour so a few days in advance I thought I’d see what was up on Social Media to get myself in the groove. I was blown away when I followed The Rolling Stones official Twitter handle and discovered a fast moving stream of live interviews, tweets, and even a live Periscope of their sneak preview #StonesZip concert.

Not that I was too surprised about their mega social media presence since from inception the Stones have surrounded themselves by gifted promoters. But how different that world is today from the 1960’s when it all began. The Stones first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on CBS in 1964 after their third album. Yes, that’s vinyl – that you went to store to buy. In 1964 there were 3 US TV networks and CBS and ABC were still mostly black and white. Yes, folks, there wasn’t even color TV when the Stones got their start. And anyone remember 8 track tapes? I confess I still have some CD’s in my car, but comparatively that’s recent history.

So what did I learn that we can apply to our business marketing? Here is a summary of things you can use in your business:

Build momentum: Send out tweets in advance of your event with the hashtag to create excitement. Use your event hashtag everywhere. Makes sure it’s on your event promos, invitations, signs or slides at the event. Make it easy to find and spell. And keep it short when you are creating one.

Include Retrospectives: Got clips of previous events? Use those in your promotion. Share short interviews with attendees, speakers, sponsors from past events.

Socialize during your event: Take pictures of the crowd, the presenters and tweet during the event, including the hashtag so others can share.

Recruit social supporters: You think all those celebs were at the sneak preview by accident? You don’t have to pay people, just ask friends and colleagues to help out with the tweeting and posting and sharing.

LIVE interviews: Use new live streaming apps like Meerkat or Periscope to talk to your presenters, your audience before and during the event.

Graphics and Pictures: it’s been proven, tweets with pictures get more shares. Take pictures or use tools like Canva to create your own images. You can even preload some of these on Hootsuite to go out during the event so you don’t have to remember.

TweetChats and HangOuts on Air: The Stones held a #AsktheStones session on twitter to engage their fans. You can do this in real time or you can capture the interview and post it on air. Google Hangouts is a great free tool that records to YouTube.

YouTube: YouTube isn’t just for bands! Video is great for SEO. Take video of your event, interview speakers, etc. and post those up on your event for people to see all year.

There you go, now you are ready to rock social like the Stones.

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