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Buying is changing. To address the needs of the new buyer, your B2B Sales Team needs new ways of selling that are supported by appropriate processes, training and tools. One of those things you may have been hearing about is sales enablement. But what is it and how can it help?

What is Sales Enablement and Why your B2B Sales Team Needs It

In this blog I share the results of my search for new hashtag research tools to replace Topsy, my favorite go-to that Apple acquired and recently shut down.

Useful Hashtag Research Tools for Twitter

If you are growing your business, or looking to expand your existing sales team, putting together an inside sales team is right for you. A well-designed and trained B2B inside sales team can cut a company’s time to close, reduce overall cost of sales, and create better relationships with buyers throughout the sales cycle.

Guide to Building an Inside Sales Team

Is sales enablement in your 2016 goals? Let us help you get started.

Oinkodomeo provides sales consulting and sales enablement process improvement, training and coaching built on a foundation of sales and marketing alignment. We work with and evaluate emerging sales enablement tools and content management solutions.