Social Selling: When to Share versus Post

Social Selling when to Post or Share

Post versus Share

When starting out with Social Selling, it’s important to follow the social etiquette rules about when and on what platform to Share versus Post. We covered how much of the time it’s ok to promote yourself in an earlier post. Today, I want to share the essentials on sharing and posting along with some guidelines on how long each should be and what it should include.

Sharing: news, events, curated content, comments, congratulations

Twitter – Tweet

  • Length should be 90 – 120 characters, leaving room for retweets and handles
  • Include 1 shortened link
  • Use 1 to 3 #hashtags
  • Use an image sized for Twitter

Facebook – Update Status

  • Length is 40 characters – Studies show that shorter updates are better
  • Tag people
  • Use a photos

Google+ – Share

  • Length should be 156 characters
  • Include keywords
  • Include 1 link (drive traffic to your website)
  • Include images, photos, or video

 LinkedIn  – Update

  • Your personal LinkedIn updates should be about 16 – 25 words (600 characters)
  • Include 1 link
  • Use an image

Posts: use long form posts are typically articles and used when you have a story to tell or want to start a discussion

Pulse – Pulse is LinkedIn’s current publishing platform

This is where I see the most confusion recently.  There’s been a concerning trend where people are using Pulse to just share a link to another article, announce a sales promotion, or link to a press release.  Pulse is intended to be a thought leadership area, a place where you share real knowledge, news or research.  If you only have a one line update, go ahead share as an update or a tweet.

  • Ideal length is 1,900 to 2,000 words
  • Title length should be 40 – 49 characters
  • Include 1 or more links
  • Use keywords
  • Use an eye-catching image for the header
  • Include up to 3 tags (which are keywords or phrases)

Blog Post – This is the standard in long form posts, usually hosted on your own website

The difference between goals in posting to Pulse versus your blog is mainly around driving visitors to your website.  Regularly posting blog articles on your website and promoting those will maintain a steady stream of visitors to your site. Pulse will drive visitors to your LinkedIn Profile.

  • Ideal length is 1,600 words
  • Title should be SEO optimized
  • Include 1 or more links
  • Use keywords
  • Use an image
  • Include custom tags

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